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Short trip Seqouia or Yosemite from LA

02-05-2019 - 01:01 uur


I'm from Holland, currently based in LA, and would love to do a mini trip from here to Seqouia and/or Yosemite for around 5 days (Monday till Friday), would that be possible to book with you? I travel alone so preferably with a group.

Best regards,
Marlice Draijer

10-05-2019 - 12:16 uur

Dear Marlice,

So nice that you have the possibility to explore more of the national parks in the US!

Unfortunately, FOX does not provide these kind of short trips. We only sell complete roundtours for about 2 weeks or more. Therefor, we advice you to contact a local, incoming agent.

We hope that you have a pleasant stay in LA.

Kind regards,
Judith, FOX Travelconsultant